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How To Choose Domain Name
Choosing a domain name is very important for any business as it represents the business online. With the growing use of web as medium of trade and business, it has become even more important to choose the right domain name. There are number of things one has to consider before finalizing a domain name to register for their business.

Close match to business name
Ideal domain name will be exact match with the business name but not everyone is able to choose the domain name matching business name due to the fact that some other business has already registered the domain name. In such a situation one has to try some other alternatives.

Length of the domain name
it is always good to have domain name short in length as it is easy to remember for your customers. But it should represent you business name or short form of the name should have relevance to your business name.

Spelling Mistakes
It is wise to actually book the exact domain name along with some spelling mistakes which you think your customers can make while typing your domain name. This will ensure that they come to your website even if they misspell your domain name.
If you require any help in choosing the right domain for your business, we would be happy to assist you.
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Try to meet one of the following criteria:

  • An exact match of the business' name or trademark
  • An abbreviation of the business' name or trademark.
  • An acronym of the business' name or trademark.
  • Product that the business manufactures or sells.
  • A program that the business administers.
  • An activity that your business facilitates teaches or trains.
  • A service that your business provides a venue that the business operates.
  • A profession that is practiced by the business' employees or members.
  • An event that your business organizes or sponsors Place names in Australia are disallowed as domain names.

Domains can be 2 to 63 letters, and words can be separated by hyphens, but not spaces