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General Frequently Asked Question

Do you offer a full report when you are done?

We provide a complete report of everything we had done to improve your website ranking when we complete your order. For directory submissions and article marketing, we report the directory, PR, and category we picked when we submitted your site while for social bookmarking, we send you the URLs of the profile pages where you can see the bookmarks.

When should I expect to see results?

SEO is a slow process. You should see keyword ranking improvements using social bokmarking within a few weeks, while the full results of directory submissions and article marketing will take around 3-4 months. This is because social bookmarking links are immediate, while directory submissions and article marketing have an approval process that can take up to a few months, plus it then takes time for Google to find and index those links.

Do you provide services for adult, pharmacy and gambling websites?

No, we do not provide services for such websites.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Paypal payments only.

Do you offer any discount on bulk ordering?

Yes, we offer a 15% discount on any or cumulative services of more than $2000.

Do the larger SEO packages include the smaller ones?

Yes, if you order the 550 Directory Submissions, it will include all directories in the 45, 130, and 275 directory submissions.

Why the 550 and other large directory submission packages are slow submissions?

For sites that are brand new, Google doesn’t like it if you get too many backlinks at the same time. To solve this, we will submit a smaller amount of directories each week. This’ll allow a consistent amount of links to flow in over a period of time, which if combined with a diverse set of anchor texts, will make the entire process look very natural.

Can you write the article for me or do I have to write it?

Our article submission packages include writing a well researched  article for you.

If you Still have Questions Please Contact us SEO Services include

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