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Wordpress Training

Learn to use WordPress to set-up & manage your websites & blog in our comprehensive, hands-on, Basic to Advanced WordPress Training. Led by our WordPress professional instructors. You’ll discover how to use and customize themes, add extensive functionality through the use of important plugins, organize and manage your content, even how to Search Engine Optimize your WordPress blog or website for high page rankings & more CUSTOMERS / SALES.

WordPress by far remains the most popular blogging and web hosting platform in the web today. Businesses big and small trust WordPress for their website needs and we're here to list some of the advantages of choosing this platform over other services available out there. Here's why.

We were used to the idea that WordPress is just for blogging but WordPress can do more than just blogging. It has content management features that let's you manage of all of your site's contents from texts, sounds, videos, animation, or a combination of these.

You can also customize your design that fits your taste and branding such changing the site's themes and overall look and feel. The possibilities to design are endless in WordPress.

While the default WordPress site can serve to power your blogging needs, small applications called plugins can help extend your website's ability to perform a certain function like monitor your website's performance on the web or change how some widgets appear from page to page. With WordPress, you can achieve both the overall look and functionality of your site.

WordPress is designed with SEO in mind that's why many businesses choose WordPress over others. The first step to creating an SEO website is to have a sound and clean architecture that makes it easy for search engine bots to "read" your site. Web spiders should be able to easily find your site and index or "record" what they found on the site and store them remotely. By doing so, search engines are able to provide to Internet users the most relevant website content every time they search for stuff online.

Publishing content has never been easy with WordPress. WordPress is equipped with publishing tools that are easy to use and very intuitive. Both the beginners and the experienced in the field of blogging will find WordPress easy to use and 100% more reliable than any other content management systems around.

You may still, of course, require the help of a skilled web developer and designer to fully customize your site especially for big websites and brand. But for starters, a full range of templates and plugins that are easy to install are available for personal use and intuitively designed for novice.

What will you learn in our WordPress Training?

Discover all of the following and MORE…

  • Server setup for WordPress
  • Installing a new copy of WordPress
  • Creating a Database for your site
  • Admin / Dashboard panel basics
  • Installing your theme
  • Minor customization of themes
  • Writing your first post
  • Updating personal settings
  • Updating profile
  • Edit general settings
  • Changing templates
  • Adding a post
  • Using the visual editor
  • Adding hyperlinks
  • Using categories and tags
  • Managing categories and tags
  • Writing & reading settings
  • Managing comments
  • Trackbacks and pingbacks
  • Discussion settings
  • Adding and deleting a page
  • Paste copy from Word
  • Paste as plain text
  • Changing the page order
  • Adding a photo
  • Adding a video
  • Adding other files (.pdf, .doc, etc.)
  • Managing uploaded content
  • Media settings
  • Changing the header / logo image
  • Typekit fonts
  • Customizing sidebar with widgets
  • Managing recent comments
  • Installing Google Analytics
  • Tracking your statistics
  • Customizing your dashboard
  • Splitting the Code into Templates
  • Single Post Page Template
  • Adding a Comment Form
  • Creating the Page Template
  • Adding New Page Templates
  • Inserting Image Galleries
  • Creating Custom Theme Functions
  • Creating & Customizing a menus
  • Registering Sidebars
  • Adding Widgets to Sidebars
  • Installing Widgets
  • Adding a Contact Form Plugin
  • The Basics of On-Site Optimization
  • Achieving On-Site Opt in WP
  • WordPress URL & Menu Structure
  • Plugins to Aid in WordPress SEO
  • Tips & Tricks for Higher Rankings
  • Hosting sites for best rankings
  • Analyzing & tracking your progress
  • Exporting the Local Database
  • Backing up your Database
  • Making a back-up of your site